Ceiling fans are one of the common appliances found in homes. There is basically one and more than one ceiling fan in the home, and they not only add to the aesthetics of the room but also cool the home during the hot summer months. However, due to the special nature of the location of the ceiling fan, we can not often clean it, over time, the ceiling fan will inevitably be covered with dust, then when we use it again, the dust on the top of the ceiling fan will float down with the rotation of the ceiling fan. So how can you clean a ceiling fan quickly and easily. In this post, we will provide some easy ways to clean ceiling fans to keep your home clean and comfortable.

Preparing the Tools

Before you start cleaning your ceiling fan, you will need to prepare the following tools:

Ladder:  make sure the ladder is tall enough to allow you to reach the ceiling fan easily.

Rags:  it is best to use a soft or microfibre cloth to wipe the fan blades and body.

Cleaner:  you can use some household cleaners such as cleaning spray or soapy water to clean the ceiling fan.

Plastic bag:  used to cover the fan blades to keep dust from falling during the cleaning process.

Step 1: Switch off the power

        Before you begin cleaning ceiling fan, be sure to turn off the power. This prevents accidental electrocution and ensures your safety. This is a point that many people overlook and is one of the most important things to make sure you turn off the power to your home before cleaning.

Step 2: Climb the Ladder

        You will need to choose a ladder that is the right height for your ceiling, if the ladder is too high it will make it awkward for you to bend over to clean your ceiling fan. By then how it's too low, you won't be able to reach the ceiling fan again or it will be too much effort. Use a ladder to climb under the ceiling fan. Please note that it is important to place the ladder securely and make sure it does not slide or tilt. If you are unsure how to properly use the ladder, ask for help. It's best to have a family member help you steady your ladder to avoid accidents

clean ceiling fan

       Before cleaning your ceiling fan, use a plastic bag to cover the fan blades. This will prevent dust and dirt from falling to the ground or on you. If you can't find a plastic bag of the right size, you can also use used clothes or towels from your home to wrap the fan blades; in short, it will prevent dust and dirt from falling off.

Step 4: Wipe the Blades and Body

       Once everything is ready, you can wipe it down. Use a rag to gently wipe down the fan blades and body. Generally, dust will come off with a light wipe. The ceiling fan will then be handled cleanly. However, if there is stubborn dirt, use a cleaner to remove it. You can apply the cleaner to the dirt and wipe it with a rag to make cleaning the ceiling fan easier and cleaner!

Step 5: Wash the Rag

       During the process of cleaning the ceiling fan, it is recommended that you prepare two rags and have your family members help you below, in addition to helping you steady the ladder, they can also help you clean the rags and help you change the rags in real-time, so that you can clean the ceiling fan even more cleanly.

         After you've finished cleaning, you can remove the plastic bag covering the underside of the blades, and please be safe when descending the ladder by putting it away. This way you will be just as able to complete such a seemingly difficult job. You can turn on the power and see if the fan is running properly to prevent you from breaking the ceiling fan while you are wiping it down. Trust me, the breeze will be at its best this time of year!

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